Builders are people, seemingly of any race but mostly elven, that are found scattered about the expanse of Regret. The most interesting quality of them is that they’re constantly at work at something, doing specific rituals or abstaining from various behaviors with utmost dedication. They lead very structured lives and tend to be highly lawful aligned.

If they go outside of this behavior, they will slowly seem to lose sanity, and will eventually lose all lucidity and disappear from society. The length of disappearance usually seems permanent, but they have been recorded being found later, sometimes years, decades, and rumored centuries, often doing the same obsessive-compulsive behavior as before, but with new rituals and identities.

The Buiders were given their name from the intellectual community as a short-hand. Their actual mental condition is still being discussed within the psychological community, and though there is keen interest in the field for their case, most Builders are completely uninterested, and even hostile, about inquiries and prodding into what actually causes their compulsions.

Notable Builders:


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