List of Deities

Regret has a list of deities, all of whom ascended from mortality into deification. Each god and goddess has their own Ascension Story as a result.

They are listed as follows by alignment.

Lawful Good

  • Castillohn – God of paladins and glory.
  • Dalaeni – Goddess of unity and communion.
  • JeuquinnePillow Aspect. Goddess of love and sex.

Neutral Good

  • Alabaster – God of reformation and purification.
  • Elenthellos – God of dreams and the subconscious mind.
  • Kylaratyl – Goddess of moonlight.

Chaotic Good

  • Lansom – God of necromancy and second chances.
  • Quentinon – God of science and machinery.
  • Skavlon – God of archery and shooting.
  • Wiphaay – Deity of water, love, and life.

Lawful Neutral

  • Iulus – God of ambition and government.
  • Ovild – Goddess of armor and protection.
  • Tavatt – God of time.

True Neutral

  • Bouroc – God of craftsmanship and artisans.
  • Faclount – God of dragons and air-travel.
  • Nefi – Deity of balance and the scorching desert.

Chaotic Neutral

Lawful Evil

Neutral Evil

  • Goxnam – Goddess of misanthropy and intellectualism.
  • Molnashrint – God of experimentation without limits.
  • Prafht -

Chaotic Evil

List of Deities

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