Magic Item Creation

As Magic Items are common in this world, and the item creation rules (at least for 3E) are full-on retard, here are some alternate rules for creating them I found somewhere on the Internets, which uses a feat:

Prerequisite: Knowledge (arcana) 4 ranks, spellcraft 4 ranks.

Benefit: You can create any type of magic item. All market prices and creation rules are the same as per each individual item creation feat except the following:

  • The gp cost is equal to 70% of the item’s market price in raw materials; no xp is spent.
  • You may remove magical abilities from an item with a ritual that costs 2,000 gp and takes two days.
  • Substitute your ECL for an item’s caster level.
  • You cannot create a magic item that requires a use magic device skill check to activate.
  • You can refill a magic item with a fixed number of charges by spending the proportionate amount.
  • Spells are required as normal, but if you don’t know the spells required you can substitute creature components. A creature’s components are usable as a spell requirement if they meet the following criteria:
  • The creature has the spell required as a spell-like ability.
  • The creature has abilities related to the spell required at the DM’s discretion. In this case, the CR of the creature must be equal to or greater than the spell’s level.
  • You must specify the exact spell you wish to emulate before harvesting the component.
  • A creature can only be harvested for a single spell requirement for the creation of a single magic item.
  • Harvesting creature components requires a survival check DC 10 + creature’s CR and 10 minutes; this must be started within 10 minutes of the creature’s death. You also gain a +2 synergy bonus if you have 5 ranks of the creature’s related knowledge skill.
  • Retries are not allowed and you cannot take 10 or 20.

Special: If you create the magic item on your own you may reroll a die roll related to the item 1/day. You must create the masterwork base item yourself, such as a cloak, boots, or a weapon (this cost is included in the creation cost unless it’s a weapon, armor, or shield) and personally provide the spells or harvest the creature components. Aid another is not allowed on any of these tasks. No one else can gain the reroll benefit. Any enhancements made to the item that are not done solely by you negate this ability; likewise you cannot enhance an already magical item to gain this benefit.

Example: A 10th level fighter recently killed a wyrmling red dragon and wants to use it’s components to create a +2 flaming longsword. He requires the following:

  • A creature component, since he has no access to spells. Knowing that flame blade, a 2nd level druid spell, can be used as a prerequisite for a flaming weapon and that the dragon was CR 4 (and the DM allows it), he successfully harvests it’s components with a survival check DC 14 (10 + CR 4).
  • 6th level caster (3 x weapon’s enhancement bonus crafting prerequisite).
  • 10th level caster (flaming weapon property prerequisite).
  • 12,600 gp (70% of standard purchase price for a +3 weapon, market price 18,000 gp).
  • Masterwork longsword.
  • As long as he meets these prerequisites, he can make the sword. In addition, if he creates the masterwork longsword himself, he could reroll a die roll relating to the weapon 1/day (this could be an attack roll, damage roll, critical confirmation, etc.).

Magic Item Creation

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