The Sgamroin have been in civil war with each other since before most races have had reliable history records, separated on the basest of differences within a race: gender. During a dispute between their two ascending gods, the males stole took over the home-plane, called “Jant”, and forced the females to have to leave to the material plane, and eventually to a secondary plane, which they called “Swie”, after that. Since then, they’d been in constant rivalry, only able to meet, battle, and reproduce on the material plane. The mothers often leave the child behind on the material plane, disguised unknowingly as another race, so a very many Sgamroin grew up not knowing they were Sgamroin, but as humans, elves, or the like.

The males have the home-plane and thus the resources and technology, but women have the ability to procreate and revitalize the population with types of psionics necessary at the time. The procreation process is such that neither party can do anything but procreate within it, and will be on separate ways before they regain their mentalities, but females are the ones capable of starting the process. From the procreation on the female side, and the stealing of babies on the male, there are raised populations of the opposite gender on both planes, but still overwhelming. The central world is the basis of their battle, and it is wise due to the development of the race to leave the child on this world until they’ve developed fully.

This race takes on the characteristics of the humanoid race close to where it was conceived, and will grow as that race does until it comes into a few years of its prime age, where they are no longer young but not quite yet old, and far certain that they’ve stopped growing mentally and physically. During this time, they begin to come to notice their psionic powers, and will be more definitely hidden by their mothers, to not be found by the father. They will begin to show physical characteristic (if not continued to be hidden) until full maturity, when they will choose either to go to their mother’s world, or stay as a scout. If found by the father (or perhaps other males of that area), they might be killed or convinced to join their side.

A newly found Sgamroin is considered inadvertently dangerous (or at least unlucky) to be around. This is because they are both targets for getting dragged into an extra planar war and for their unpredictable nature from the moving pigmentation on their skin, called the yarki. Because of this, Sgamroin tend to continue to hide their race to avoid conflicts. The yarki stores psionic energy, gaining detail, prominence, and vivacity of movement with the amount of power they have stored within them. But as they learn to use this resource, they become very reliable, well balanced, and dependable.

Personality: Most Sgamroin that were hidden as a different race still tend to keep the socialization and psychology of their old race for a good many years, often depending on how long maturity takes for the race (being that Sgamroin hidden as dwarves and elves tend to act like dwarves and elves longer than Sgamroin hidden as humans). Sgamroin raised as Sgamroin tend to be highly sexist towards the sex opposite of those they were raised among.

Physical Description: Sgamroin have high-varietied colored skin, eyes, and hair that have few if any exception to color (some even completely lack pigmentation and can have very translucent skin) with moving pigmentation atop it called yarki. The yarki moves and has a shape and color (usually contrasting their base skin pigment) in a manner matching the Sgamroin’s personality and emotions, sometimes extending into hair among the older and more powerful Sgamroin. Features, however, tend to match the discipline they are attuned to: Clairsentience ones tend to have prominent-looking eyes, ears, and tongues, and will normally be thinner and have features similar to an elf child, even if they’re as large as an adult. Metacreativity tend to look very nondescript but with thin and nimble “artists hands” and will look closer to humans. Psychokenisis are usually thinner and sometimes as small as 4 feet tall and delicate in look. Psychometabolism are usually the opposite: hearty and large-boned like a half-orc with broad faces. Psychoportation tend to look sinewy, nimble, and dexterous, like a sturdy, nomadic race. Telepathy have sly, pointed, contemplative features and tend to have broad shoulders and tall frames.

Relations: Sgamroin are considered unlucky to have around by many, but can otherwise get along with other races fairly well. They only have a natural disposition to distrust opposite sexes, which can be offset by how they were raised and is already hardly noticeable in most interactions. Usually any problems they have with outside races are from their upbringing in a different race.

Alignments: They most often tend to be the alignments of the race they were brought up in. Native Sgamroin are varied alignments, as the incorporation of new Sgamroin raised on the material plane over the years has made the population very malleable in those terms socially.

Sgamroin Lands: The home-plane Jant is retained by the males while the secondary Swie plane is retained by the females. They’re both between the material and astral plane, markedly smaller than either of them, and are juxtaposed from each other, but they cannot reach each other without going into the material plane first. Those from the material plane find the planes very similar to each other, looking like a surreal-version of the material plane, described often as what could be created by a half-conscious mind. Jant has more architecture and technology, but Swie has more open space and farmland even with the higher population.

Religion: Many Sgamroin retain the religion they kept as they were brought up. Native and older Sgamroin often worship __ or __, depending on whether they were brought up on the Jant or Swie, respectively. (To be finished.)

Language: Most Sgamroin know the languages they grew up learning. Native and older Sgamroin know Sgann, dialects being either “feminine” or “masculine” depending on which plane they frequent.

Names: Many have names influenced from the material plane in recent times, both from having many raised as different races on the material plane and from having so many of those that were raised there incorporated into their native planes. Sgamroin still will have traditional names quite often (sometimes even along side their old name). It’s not uncommon for them to take the clan names of their mother, father, or the Sgamroin that adopted them after maturity.
Male Names: Frigth, Arr, Lots.
Female Names: Chril, Niat, Wree.
Clan Names: Pary, Gnent, Nedm.

Adventurers: Most Sgamroin adventurers were already adventurers before they matured into their real forms, and will have already started as a class different than a psion (or a psion of their affinity). However, if they become psions, they very often do not choose their affinity discipline, to keep their yarki reserves separate in thought from their learned reserves and to, eventually, use two different disciplines without worry.


  • -2 Dexterity. Native Sgamrion have difficulty maneuvering with the change of atmosphere while Sgamrion that grew up on the material plane have to re-learn how to use their body correctly upon adulthood.
  • Medium: As medium creatures, Sgamroin have no special penalties or bonuses due to size.
  • Sgamroin base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Naturally Psionic: Sgamroin gain 2 power points on first level. (Note: If the Sgamrion identified as a human before adulthood, they lose two skill ranks in compensation.)
  • Yarki (Se): The moving Yarki on a Sgamrion retains 1d4/hit die of PP every day, and are more prominent, detailed, and lively with the more PP retained, stopping and disappearing entirely when depleted. These can be used for all powers of the psionic discipline they’re attuned to, up to and using their hit die level as the manifester level for difficulty and stats. If the PP are not spent, they will have to make a will save occasionally randomly or by DM’s choice (DC 10 + PPs remaining + hours awake), to keep from spontaneously manifesting a power until they’ve been a full Sgamroin for at least ten years. Controlled casting of a power requires a Concentration check (DC 10 + level of power+any pp enhancement), failure resulting in DM’s choice of useless burn of points, random power manifestation, or a subtraction/addition of PP used to enhance the power. This takes another twenty years to grow out of.
  • +1 AC against members of opposite sex. Due to the long civil war, all Sgamroin are instinctively put more on guard around the opposite sex, no matter the race.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Sgann (on DM’s approval). Region Languages. Bonus languages: Any not unknown.
  • Favored Class: Psion.
  • Level Adjustment: +0

Notable Sgamroin



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