Stonefall Library

Capital: The Univeristy.
Technology: All.
Languages: All.
Government: None (savant-omni survival balance).
People: Any.
Patron Deity: None (though there are some popular ones).

The Stonefall Library is an island unconnected and thus completely separate from all other continents and countries. It’s placement is due to the peculiar phenomenon of it’s creation, where a massive swath of land fell from the sky into the ocean, impacting hard enough to erupt massive waves, but oddly not enough to cause any more damage than a particularly heavy earthquake. The origin of the land is unknown, and it didn’t take the recently-united intellectual community long to swarm over the rock to discover what they could.

The endeavor ended up taking longer than an expedition or two, and since the land was particularly rich in nutrients, they began settling in as their research extended. It didn’t take long for buildings to be erected to facilitate, and with these scientists and other intellectuals left alone to their pursuits (no country saw any real value in the rock at the time), these extended into whole schools. It didn’t take twenty years to pass before those outside of geological and environmental studies came to take advantage of the pro-intellectual lifestyle.

The result is an intricate, if chaotic, network of libraries and colleges, welcoming all of intellectual pursuit. Goods and services are largely free, supplied by those developing technologies (example: agricultural and culinary advances for food) and sourcing through willful human experimentation, with the only fee being that the results are recorded. There is a drawback to this: most of the “safer” studies are long-term and require you to have a contract to continue supplying information for a length of time. Those looking to pick up something from one of the many vendors have a higher chance of coming across something in the earliest stages of experimentation, and thus more likely to have something unexpected happen.

The Library is a functional anarchy. There is no government here, as there would be no ability to seat one. Although The University is the de facto capital, no one has any real rule. Everything is purely by competence and generally how well they can interact with each other.

This works exactly as well as it sounds like it would.

Although “departments” of learning might elevate well within each other, they often clash with others, and the problem can be further complicated by in-fighting and cross-departmental personalities. Mix in some egos, and there will be a few trying their damnedest to rise to absolute power over the Library. All attempts utterly fail, however, due to what is theorized as the “Savant-Omni Survival Balance”, which states that no person can be a Best when there are those who can specialize explicitly in a field (Savant) as well as those who can benefit from knowledge and experience in other fields (Omni). One type will always find ways to out-think the other, and thus no actual power structure could be erected.

Notable Characters from the Library

Aladro Twinkleshot

Stonefall Library

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