Capital: No specific one.
Technology: Rudimentary; barbaric.
Languages: Currently being discovered.
Government: No specific one.
People: Humans, Aquatic Elves, and Hae’aek, largely.

Terkwa is a continent to the East of most of the civilized world, a distance that requires several days of hard flying and weeks of sailing, at least. This area had before been considered a boundary to the edge of Regret, due to the massive amount of coral reefs and shallow, rocky waters. It turns out that up to half of the surface of the continent is just under water, with dry land mostly towards it’s Southern part.

Studies have shown that the continent hadn’t always been mostly under water, and as little as five hundred years ago, more portions of it were still above water. The cause of its sinking is largely still a mystery, but as some ongoing study continues, various theories have popped up.

Terkwa is mostly an amalgamation of tribes and barbarian nations. Although they haven’t advanced much in technology, some larger factions have gotten to quite civilized and are quickly expanding their influence on the continent. There are completely different societies within this continent, however, separated not only by water and distances, but by the thick tropical swampland that has untold dangers.

Although many barbarians were quickly brought into civilization after they were found for much of history to this point, the discovery of Terkwa actually didn’t facilitate such a response. An attitude towards preservation of their “pure” culture for study and more romantic ideals actually keeps expeditions to a low, making most of the people traveling to Terkwa anthropologists and merchants looking for primitive trinkets that can be sold for massive amounts of money.


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