Vines of Rust

Back to the City
Where slapstick replaces fighting

The party wakes up the next morning, retrieves the head of Razou to prove that he has been “apprehended” and store it in one of Brianna’s pouches, and set out. On the way, they saw the dryad sneaking about, a shock of green among the trees. Brianna greets her, and the dryad says they are welcome again in the forest at any time.

Arther, scouting above, warns them about an approaching hill giant. They manage to avoid the giant with some sneaking and a little trap of a sapling slapping at the giant.

Another shock of green is seen, but they ignore it, for when Brianna calls out to it, nothing responds.

They come to a river, a decently brisk water that could be crossed. Crossing it would take several hours off of their travel time that going around would avoid. Ivan and Ziah voted to go around, but Brianna wished to cross, so she tied herself to a tree and started across, reasoning that if she makes the other side, she could tie it off and convince the others to swim along the rope.

However, she is not a strong swimmer, and before she could recover from the current, she felt a clawed hand wrap around her ankle and pull her under. The others attempted to pull her up, but it kept pulling down, claws going up her body. Lights danced in front of her eyes and she heard a gurgling beside her ear before it let go and they were able to pull her out
Brianna relented her position and they unanimously voted to go around.

There is a column of smoke from a large campfire, but they elect to ignore it and continue until they can hunker down and set up camp themselves. During this time, Ivan attempts to burn off some of his natural psionic powers to avoid catastrophe, but while coming down from a successful levitation, he accidentally causes the campfire to flare up. Ziah dodges it stealthfully, but Brianna is burned, and so is her clothes that had been set out to dry.

With some annoyance, they sleep with no other issue, and are able to wake and get back to town before noon. They sell their loot and wait for the merchant Tian.

With the proof of Razou’s death and the return of the amulet, Tian is happy to pay the 700 gold pieces. The two pieces of the amulet he was able to repair before their eyes, melting it slightly to get it back into two pieces. It is amazing, to say the least, but everyone disembarks after splitting the gold, Ivan to his home, the others to the inn.

Ivan does notice tonight that the cloak he has received from the dryad cannot be removed.

Attack on Giant
Get it? "Giant"? 'Cause a giant is a titan?

Today’s track: Guren no Yumiya – Linked Horizon

The new day came with some more trials. As they went forward, there was a loud boom, crash, and a fleeing of animals. They approached the area cautiously as it was in the middle of the way, and… giant! Specifically a hill giant.

Our heroes, in no way influenced by their players recently watching a hit anime that every nerd below the age of 40 is raving about, decided it would be wisest to move around the giant. Carefully. Stealthily.

Ivan was accidentally so steathly he disappeared.

Brianna Stormcrow was not quite stealthy enough. The giant looked straight towards her and threw a rock at her.

This all forced Ziah to be quite unhappy with both of his partymates. He was able to help Brianna to a nearby cave and sneak in, effectively losing the giant’s trail. Meanwhile, Ivan, in a place darker and not inhabited by giants and his friends, was able to backtrack and eventually regroup with his friends.

They were able to find the trial again with some difficulty, and proceeded as before. Their jumpy mood allowed Brianna and her wolf to eviscerate a badger along the way. Hey, food is food, man.

The trees became somewhat less sparse and the terrain more elevated and rocky, indicating foothills. Brianna was able to hear a distant rumble in the direction they are going, but they were not fully prepared to see the giant from before… along with a friend.

Ziah, with his druidy woodland stride, was able to run a safe distance quickly, while Brianna had difficulty moving through the brush and was quickly overtaken. By luck and enginuity, she managed to escape intact with the help of Ziah’s entangling vines and Ivan’s psionic darkness. They fled the scene, eventually finding an alternate trail up the mountain.

There was a short interlude when Ivan’s powers reacted abnormally again, causing him to rapidly levitate into the air against his will, but was able to return to the ground in five minutes without any harm.

Our heroes were able to soon find a cave on the trail. Ziah snuck ahead to scout, finding a few bugbears within. Ivan detonated some bombs, managing to take them all out with little effort, and they continued in to see a band of them. Similar tricks were employed, but they weren’t quite as lucky this time. This, however, also became a quick fight.

Ziah scouts ahead one more time down a tight tunnel, and almost gets bitten in half by what appears to be a large dinosaur, far too large to have come into the cave room he was found in by normal means. This worked in the party’s favor, as they were able to stand back and shoot arrows at it until it was dead. You might say that’s unfairly merciful, but I remind you to think of the two hill giants outside.

After this dinosaur was dispatched, they came into the room and found a nearly torn apart half-elf body matching the description of Razou. The pendant was not found on him, but they were able to deduce by how it looked like his throat was ripped out that it could be in the dinosaur’s stomach. Ziah was able to cut open the stomach contents of the animal without emptying his own stomach contents and found the pendant!

It was broken, because of course things can’t be perfect.

The party decided to sleep here tonight, though there was no word of Ziah washing off the stank of half-digested half-elf from his hands.

On the trail

Our heroes continue to follow the trail to Razou. Along the way, they hear a sound! They carefully approached and found themselves face to face with what appears to be a dryad.

Brianna Stormcrow addresses the dryad. The dryad does not know of any coming before them, but she said she will find more information for them. They did show her the strange claw, and she offered to trade the claw for an item of their choice: a ring, an arrow, or a cloak. After some straw-drawing, they chose the cloak, which is being worn by Ivan.

The dryad parted, and they continued forward until nightfall. As they were setting up camp and getting food, Brianna found an elk and went to track it down. The elk, however, was not as it seemed and lead her into a trap with Assassin Vines. The elk itself turned out to be an Aranea. They dealt massive damage to Brianna, but Ziah managed to run in to cut her down from the vines and Ivan finished them off when he caught up.

After that, they were able to settle down for the evening, though Ivan did have a small mishap with his psionics, accidentally causing a sonic boom that hurt Brianna, knocked around their items, and spooked the woodland creatures.

They woke up the next morning, well-rested and ready for their next leg of their journey; Brianna found again the trail and they set forth once again.

Just to be that ranger that walked a thousand miles

Brianna Stormcrow, Ivan, and Ziah were drinking in a local hunter’s clubhouse when Ziah was approached by Tian Mencht, a local merchant, to track down a half-elf by the name Razou. Razou has stolen an amulent from Tian, and Tian is offering a bounty of 500 gold upfront, 500 gold when apprehending Razou, and an extra 200 gold if they retrieve the amulet.

The amulet was described as a strange-looking dragon head, made of something jade-like yet flexible.

Our heroes prepare and leave the next morning to the place indicated where a prior bounty hunter had broken pursuit. They entered the woods and found themselves being followed by a harsh wind. As they continue, it flies and circles above, and they find themselves attacked by an air elemental! The fight was crazy, and even began to lift Ziah into the air, threatening to throw him through the trees. Brianna managed the last hit, and Ivan gently brought down Ziah to safety with a Levitate. They temporarily lost the trail afterwards, but between the three of them, they were able to start on the right track again.

While on the trail, they encounter a black bear swatting at a bush. The bear chased Brianna up a tree, but Ivan went to see what was the bear was whacking it.

A claw…?

When they shooed the bear off and looked over the dismembered claw, and concluded it was not a dragon claw like it looked, but some sort of dinosaur claw.

They rediscovered the trail and continued forth.

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