Vines of Rust


Just to be that ranger that walked a thousand miles

Brianna Stormcrow, Ivan, and Ziah were drinking in a local hunter’s clubhouse when Ziah was approached by Tian Mencht, a local merchant, to track down a half-elf by the name Razou. Razou has stolen an amulent from Tian, and Tian is offering a bounty of 500 gold upfront, 500 gold when apprehending Razou, and an extra 200 gold if they retrieve the amulet.

The amulet was described as a strange-looking dragon head, made of something jade-like yet flexible.

Our heroes prepare and leave the next morning to the place indicated where a prior bounty hunter had broken pursuit. They entered the woods and found themselves being followed by a harsh wind. As they continue, it flies and circles above, and they find themselves attacked by an air elemental! The fight was crazy, and even began to lift Ziah into the air, threatening to throw him through the trees. Brianna managed the last hit, and Ivan gently brought down Ziah to safety with a Levitate. They temporarily lost the trail afterwards, but between the three of them, they were able to start on the right track again.

While on the trail, they encounter a black bear swatting at a bush. The bear chased Brianna up a tree, but Ivan went to see what was the bear was whacking it.

A claw…?

When they shooed the bear off and looked over the dismembered claw, and concluded it was not a dragon claw like it looked, but some sort of dinosaur claw.

They rediscovered the trail and continued forth.



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