Vines of Rust

Attack on Giant

Get it? "Giant"? 'Cause a giant is a titan?

Today’s track: Guren no Yumiya – Linked Horizon

The new day came with some more trials. As they went forward, there was a loud boom, crash, and a fleeing of animals. They approached the area cautiously as it was in the middle of the way, and… giant! Specifically a hill giant.

Our heroes, in no way influenced by their players recently watching a hit anime that every nerd below the age of 40 is raving about, decided it would be wisest to move around the giant. Carefully. Stealthily.

Ivan was accidentally so steathly he disappeared.

Brianna Stormcrow was not quite stealthy enough. The giant looked straight towards her and threw a rock at her.

This all forced Ziah to be quite unhappy with both of his partymates. He was able to help Brianna to a nearby cave and sneak in, effectively losing the giant’s trail. Meanwhile, Ivan, in a place darker and not inhabited by giants and his friends, was able to backtrack and eventually regroup with his friends.

They were able to find the trial again with some difficulty, and proceeded as before. Their jumpy mood allowed Brianna and her wolf to eviscerate a badger along the way. Hey, food is food, man.

The trees became somewhat less sparse and the terrain more elevated and rocky, indicating foothills. Brianna was able to hear a distant rumble in the direction they are going, but they were not fully prepared to see the giant from before… along with a friend.

Ziah, with his druidy woodland stride, was able to run a safe distance quickly, while Brianna had difficulty moving through the brush and was quickly overtaken. By luck and enginuity, she managed to escape intact with the help of Ziah’s entangling vines and Ivan’s psionic darkness. They fled the scene, eventually finding an alternate trail up the mountain.

There was a short interlude when Ivan’s powers reacted abnormally again, causing him to rapidly levitate into the air against his will, but was able to return to the ground in five minutes without any harm.

Our heroes were able to soon find a cave on the trail. Ziah snuck ahead to scout, finding a few bugbears within. Ivan detonated some bombs, managing to take them all out with little effort, and they continued in to see a band of them. Similar tricks were employed, but they weren’t quite as lucky this time. This, however, also became a quick fight.

Ziah scouts ahead one more time down a tight tunnel, and almost gets bitten in half by what appears to be a large dinosaur, far too large to have come into the cave room he was found in by normal means. This worked in the party’s favor, as they were able to stand back and shoot arrows at it until it was dead. You might say that’s unfairly merciful, but I remind you to think of the two hill giants outside.

After this dinosaur was dispatched, they came into the room and found a nearly torn apart half-elf body matching the description of Razou. The pendant was not found on him, but they were able to deduce by how it looked like his throat was ripped out that it could be in the dinosaur’s stomach. Ziah was able to cut open the stomach contents of the animal without emptying his own stomach contents and found the pendant!

It was broken, because of course things can’t be perfect.

The party decided to sleep here tonight, though there was no word of Ziah washing off the stank of half-digested half-elf from his hands.



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