Vines of Rust

On the trail


Our heroes continue to follow the trail to Razou. Along the way, they hear a sound! They carefully approached and found themselves face to face with what appears to be a dryad.

Brianna Stormcrow addresses the dryad. The dryad does not know of any coming before them, but she said she will find more information for them. They did show her the strange claw, and she offered to trade the claw for an item of their choice: a ring, an arrow, or a cloak. After some straw-drawing, they chose the cloak, which is being worn by Ivan.

The dryad parted, and they continued forward until nightfall. As they were setting up camp and getting food, Brianna found an elk and went to track it down. The elk, however, was not as it seemed and lead her into a trap with Assassin Vines. The elk itself turned out to be an Aranea. They dealt massive damage to Brianna, but Ziah managed to run in to cut her down from the vines and Ivan finished them off when he caught up.

After that, they were able to settle down for the evening, though Ivan did have a small mishap with his psionics, accidentally causing a sonic boom that hurt Brianna, knocked around their items, and spooked the woodland creatures.

They woke up the next morning, well-rested and ready for their next leg of their journey; Brianna found again the trail and they set forth once again.



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